I’m a rocket man – Or – I’m a rocket, man.

While poking around and looking for news stories that I will be weeding through to determine which ones I want to showcase in tomorrow’s news post (Are you not entertained?! has been updated!) I stumbled upon something that is pretty cool.  An interactive journey through space!

While “working”, I found this to be an interesting distraction.  Here is the link, for those who may be interested.

As a side note, I do believe that we – internationally – need to open space exploration to the private sector instead of it just being in the hands of international government entities.  I will be creating an entire post about this subject, but felt a little foreshadowing and sharing of a personal stance towards space exploration went rather well with the above find.



2 thoughts on “I’m a rocket man – Or – I’m a rocket, man.

    • It is a pretty cool little program, and I too have always found the possibilities of space to be fascinating. Some of the images that have come back from Hubble are amazing and I have always been disappointed in, not only how little we actually know, but how we seem to be dragging our feet to discover those answers.


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