Merry Christmas! – And – Honor Our Officers


First off, prior to getting into what finally inspired me to sit down and write something on this Christmas Eve, I want to be sure and wish a very Merry Christmas to everyone who may visit the site, their families, their friends, and their loved ones.  Sadly, I have not been in the Christmas spirit much this year due to a mix of several things, both internal and external, but beyond all of that I genuinely hope that everyone has a fantastic Christmas with their family.  The greatest gift we have is the love and support of our family and friends.  It inspires us, moves us, and lifts us up when we are down.  Please, be sure to take a moment and truly appreciate those people who have counted you worthy of their time.  Too often people do not see the value in someone until it is too late and what better time of year than Christmas to ensure you say all that needs to be said to those you love?  Family is a proper mix of love, devotion, humor, and just a dash of crazy – all coming together in just a way which melds everyone together.  Remember that the boxes under the tree are nothing compared to the people at your side.

So, again, Merry Christmas everyone.  May it be full of love and laughter – and to those who may be traveling this year – I wish you god speed.


Moving on.

I don’t want to spend a great deal of time on this subject, so allow me to blunt.  We have all seen the rhetoric lately that men and women who proudly serve as police officers are being generalized and diminished into nothing more that hate-mongering racists who shoot black citizens first and then ask questions later.  To those who may share this point of view, if you cannot stand behind them, then please feel free to stand in front of them.  This is the same position I have when talking about our men and women in uniform serving the United States military.

Police officers are a very special breed of people, and at the end of the day, they are just that.  People.  Just like you and me.  They have families.  They have friends.  They choose to perform a duty that most people won’t do – and they rarely get any thanks for their services.  9 times out of 10 people talk negatively about police officers because of one simple reason – they were caught doing something wrong.  Now, this does not suggest that I don’t believe there are “bad cops” out there who abuse their power because I am sure this is true.  Once again, they are people just like us.  But, the ratio of good cops far outweighs the few bad eggs that may be out there.

Now, I am not going to get into the events that have happened recently (Ferguson, NY, and other places that have been put in the spotlight recently) because I refuse to allow a stage for more people to express their hatred – either for or against the police – but I will say that the political powers that be (and this is across the board) have failed miserably by stoking the racism in these situations rather than helping it  What I will say is that we have a great deal of people who are being led around by the nose because they are choosing to remain ignorant rather than thinking for themselves.  People in large numbers will tend to follow the lowest common denominator – and this has become more and more evident when viewing these situations.

Lastly, allow me to provide a few questions to consider the next time you see a police officer doing his job – or perhaps have first hand experience with an officer who may have come off as a little terse.  When was the last time your job asked you to save a child from parents who were abusing them – physically, sexually, perhaps even both?  When was the last time your job required you to report to a vehicle accident where several people may have been killed, including that child in the back seat?  What about the last time you had to walk into a domestic situation only to discover that the husband had killed his wife because she didn’t cook dinner the right way?  When was the last time you had someone draw a weapon on you because they were caught stealing from a store?  Or, when was the last time you had to face your day with the primary concern being whether or not you make it home to your family at the end of it?

Because both men and women who choose to become police officers are in a position of public authority, it is our duty and right to question their motives and scrutinize their decisions.  But until we have had first hand experience of their day to day lives, the tragedies they have had to witness, or the lives they have seen lost for no reason – we have absolutely no right to not take into consideration that their duty requires officers to deal with the worst of us.  One poor decision, or moment of indecision, could effectively mean the end of their entire existence.

One more thing I offer to consider before wrapping this up.  The next time you hear of an officer who is genuinely under scrutiny for making a poor decision – think about all of the stories that involve child molesters, rapists, assaults on the elderly, stealing from children, school shootings, serial killers, drunk driving, child abductions, murder.  Is one bad officer enough to disrespect the millions of others who are doing their job the right way?  Or, put thousands of others at risk based on political, and faux-racist, agendas?

If so, then again, please feel free to stand in front of them whenever you wish.  I am sure they would appreciate someone else standing on the frontlines for a change.


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