When my mind wanders, it has a habit of not coming back.

Scratch that.  It always finds its way back, but it often takes the scenic route.  Fortunately, along the way it does tend to pick up some interesting insight (in my opinion), ideas (some good, some bad, and some ugly), tangents (oh look, something shiny!), rants (I’m as mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore!), and points to ponder (there is brail at drive-up ATM machines – who in the hell is giving blind people drivers licenses?!).

The scenic route is fun.  It is interesting.  It is the path of unfiltered creativity.  And, in a nut shell, that is what this entire site is all about.  Some of what I have to say may simply be the ramblings of a wandering mind that is attempting to make some sense of it all.  Other times, I may dust off the old soap box, stand on it for a while, and then put it back in the corner and allow it to begin rebuilding its dust bunny collection.  Then there will undoubtedly be the times when I will post something completely random and out of the blue; whether that be a picture, a joke, a crazy thought, or even an idea that is currently going through its gestation process before becoming fully realized.
Additionally, when I am feeling especially randy and esoteric, I may post something that is designed to upset people, disrupt the order of things, and stir the pot to a nice frothy explosion of reaction and emotional outbursts of discontent.  I will then sit back and smile, reading the responses with glee and poking the bear with a stick every now and again just to keep things interesting.

The simple answer is because sometimes I like to inspire debate, critical thinking, and I need the practice every now and again to make sure that I am at the top of my game should the need arise when such skills are necessary.  More so than that though, it will be because I can.  While this may be a public display and an open venue, I will not feel the need to filter myself simply because it may rub someone the wrong way.  If it offends and/or upsets someone that much then perhaps they should start their own site where they can whine and complain about it all they want.  Because then it will be theirs.
This one is mine.

This is a platform that I plan on using to my own end, and while on my own journey.  Perhaps, along the way, this journey will lead to finding others who are like-minded, or, just find an interest in the kaleidoscopic manner in which I tend to view the world around me.

Then again, perhaps not.


Shout, shout, let it all out...

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